ATLPC has been a long supporter of Local, Urban, and World Mission. We have helped to support career missionaries as well as short-term teams. The Mission program represents a priority concern within the church towards evangelism locally and abroad and towards development of a heartfelt commitment to go out and/or to be senders in prayer and financial support.

Christians, whom God has called and blessed, are commanded to be a blessing to all people. The great commission was not merely a parting afterthought of Jesus before He ascended into Heaven. Rather , God's plan for those who follow Him is and has always been the same. We who follow Christ are not to hoard the message and the blessings to ourselves, but we are charged to give them away. In the new Testament, God does not allow the young church to remain in its cozy fellowship for very long. They instantly are scattered, and thereby fulfill Jesus' commission to be His witnesses not only in Jerusalem, but in Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth.