ATLPC Children’s Ministry

(Infant through Grade 5)
Partnering with parents to teach children to love and follow Jesus Christ

Regularly Scheduled Programs 

Director of Children's Ministry Lisa Barrios ("Miss Lisa") 
(626) 289-4106 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GroupMeeting Time Location

Sunday School

Grades 1 - 5

Sunday Morning 9:30AM

Sunday Morning 9:30AM

Room 108

Room 208

Children's Church
Infant Toddler Ministry (0 - 3 years)

Beginner Church (3 years - Grade 1)

Junior Church (Grades 2 - 5)

Sunday Morning 11:00AM

Sunday Morning 11:00AM

Sunday Morning 11:00AM

Room 111

Room 108

Room 200


Stockade Grades 2-5 Boys


First 4 Fridays of the month
(7:30 - 9:30PM)
2rd Floor, Room 208

GEMS Grades 2-5 Girls


1st & 3rd Fridays of month
(7:30 - 9:30PM)
2nd Floor, Room 200



 Purpose Statement

 The Children’s Ministry exists to…

 Bring glory to God

… by following His lead and seeking His pleasure in all that we do.

 Empower parents to disciple their children

… by aiding and encouraging them to teach their children how to live every day in response to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

 Provide God’s people with opportunities to serve Him well

… by helping them develop their God-given gifts, and planning programs that foster their success.

 Minister to the hearts of children

… by building relationships and providing safe, fun, Bible-centered programs that challenge children to learn, worship, serve, and reach out to others.